Gender pay gap reporting

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Gender Pay Gap (GPG) legislation requires all employers of 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap as at 31 March each year.

On 8 March 2018, we published our first Gender Pay Report for Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. The data is based on a snapshot date of 31 March 2017. In March 2019 we published the latest report, with data taken from 31 March 2018.

The information is sourced from the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system, which holds our employee data. This information has also been submitted to the Government’s Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting portal.

It must be noted that GPG is not the same as Equal Pay. The issues that GPG raises are important but different. The NHS has an equal pay system in place where pay for work of equal value is recognised.

As a Trust we are committed to addressing the issues arising from this report, while recognising that progress on this will also require wider changes in society.

What can we do as a Trust?

  • utilise the Trust’s Equalities Forum to promote positive discussion and develop further awareness of the issues around the Gender Pay Gap
  • ensure training and development opportunities are accessible to all and also look at targeting specific groups of staff where the pay gap is seen as an issue and ensure that progress is based on merit not gender
  • continue to promote equal opportunities more prominently to prospective applicants to show the Trust as an employer of choice
  • contribute to a culture which enables women to progress and develop into more senior roles
  • provide training and education to managers to address any issues related to unconscious bias

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