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Public transport

bus timetables

Public transport

Public transport is the best way to travel to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

We are well served by a number of bus services and close to the tram route.

Use Travel South Yorkshire’s journey planner tool to plan your journey from anywhere in the UK to the main hospital site on Western Bank.

Travel South Yorkshire have also published a free Sheffield Hospital Guide which lists bus routes serving all Sheffield hospitals.

We provide clinics and services on several sites so check your appointment letter for the address of the site you need to visit. View full address details for all sites.

Tram stops

Yellow and blue route trams call at the University of Sheffield stop a short walk from the main hospital site on Western Bank.

The Infirmary Road stop is the closest to Centenary House on both the yellow and blue routes.

The blue route service runs to Crystal Peaks close to the Becton Centre.

A tram park and ride scheme also operates from Nunnery Square and Middlewood.


You may prefer to book a private taxi for your journey to and from Sheffield Children’s Hospital. If you do, please ask the driver to drop you off at the main entrance to avoid congesting our ambulance bay.

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November 2021: Our guidance for inpatients at Sheffield Children's has changed. Two named parents/carers may be permitted in inpatients only.See more about our guidance about inpatients

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