Caring Together – our strategy toward 2021

Caring Together is the strategy that guides in the way we make decisions at Sheffield Children’s, to help us achieve our purpose of:
providing a healthier future for children and young people.

Our aims are ‘what we will achieve’. Here’s what we mean by each aim and what we will do to work towards them.

Audiologist testing a child's hearing

Provide high quality patient experience and outcomes

  • Maintain patient safety and quality of care at of the core of all we do
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Consistent, high standards of care is evidenced everywhere
  • Parity of esteem for physical and mental health
  • We embed learning from failure into future practice
  • Collaboration and engagement with patients and their families
  • We provide education to professionals and families
  • Develop new models of care across physical and mental health
  • Collaboration with our partners in areas of shared care
  • Provide suitable environments for patients and carers

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Establish a ward and service accreditation programme
  • Implement the ‘Modernising Outpatients’ Programme
  • Implement the ‘Well Prepared Surgery’ Programme
  • Joint work with primary care to increase and empower patients and their families with chronic conditions
  • Improve patient pathways and services for neonatal patients
  • Work with other providers to improve Adolescent and Transition pathways
  • Implement a patient experience strategy
  • Work with carers to improve patient experience
  • Develop and implement a quality strategy

Two domestic staff clean a bedroomEmpower motivated and compassionate staff

  • We want staff to rate Sheffield Children’s as a great place to work
  • We will create a culture exists that promotes and embeds the Trust values
  • Staff will want to work with us and stay working with us
  • All staff have clear objectives which are aligned to Trust aims and values
  • Increased clinical leadership throughout the Trust
  • Strengthened leadership capacity and capability across all staff groups
  • Effective and dynamic teamwork
  • Fair and consistent staff management
  • Diversity is promoted and celebrated

To achieve this aim we will:

  •   Undertake a systematic approach to developing staff engagement and leadership across the organisation and with all professional groups
  •   Develop and implement a workforce strategy
  •   Develop and implement an organisational development strategy
  •   Increase the number of publications and awards achieved

Lead improvements in paediatric care

Expert presents at a conference

  • National leadership in developing children’s services
  • As specialists, advocate for children and young people
  • Co-production of workforce solutions with others
  • Collaboration with other providers and systems to deliver sustainable care
  • A leading role in the future of paediatric provision beyond Sheffield
  • National leadership in developing clinical guidelines

To achieve this aim we will:

In our Medicine Directorate

  • Develop the paediatric major trauma centre including helipad
  • Develop tertiary Neurodisability provision
  • Further develop sleep services
  • Develop specialist allergy services
  • Improve the environment for cancer care and bone marrow transplants

In our Surgery and Critical Care Directorate

  • Increase transport by air, including neonatal transfers by Embrace
  • Develop a hub & spoke model across surgical specialties
  • Expand range of Neurosurgery specialist procedures
  • Build clinical capacity in Pain Service
  • Centralise Ophthalmology Services

In our Community, Wellbeing and Mental Health Directorate

  • Work towards becoming the lead provider for specialist children’s mental health inpatient provision in Yorkshire (e.g. Learning Disability Mental Health secure care, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit)
  • Support development of perinatal services, speech and language therapy input into wider areas
  • Expand deployment of School Mental Health Framework and Children and Young People Improving Access to Physiological Therapies (IAPT)
  • Develop clinical pathways involving Primary Mental Health Workers and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Improved access and early intervention for emotional health and wellbeing services

In our Pharmacy and Diagnostics Directorate

  • Provide local laboratory and specialised services within genomics north model (GeNEQ)
  • Laboratory model developed with hub and spoke model / specialist children’s
  • Install and develop an EOS Scanner utilising this with NHS, Universities and research
  • Deliver a programme of service and laboratory external accreditation

Across our Trust

  • Expand neurosciences with further development of specialist neuroscience procedures
  • Further develop and integrate Musculoskeletal (MSK) services
  • Create a single point of access for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) pathway
  • Development of a Community locality model in Sheffield including specialised and universal offer
  • Maximise benefits of being an integrated physical and mental health provider
  • Develop collaborations and deliver programmes of work within the Accountable Care Partnership (Sheffield), Integrated Care System (South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw) and beyond
  • Implement outcome of the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Hospital Services

Work in collaboration with other providers to:

  • Develop standardised clinical protocols and provision of education
  • Increase membership at regional and national forums

Build clinical and financial sustainability

  • Stewardship of NHS money
  • Ensure value for money and spending it wisely
  • Understand our core business and shore up specialist servicesGirl building a plastic tower
  • Marketing our services and expertise to others
  • Ensuring that we are paid for everything we do
  • Realisation of the benefits of the new ward extension
  • An IT and Estates infrastructure that will meet future service need
  • Actively working with others including the  Children’s Alliance and The Children’s Hospital Charity

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Deliver a Trust-wide Recovery and Transformation Programme
  • Implement a new Access Policy
  • Develop Patient level costing to inform business decisions
  • Develop and implement a private patient model
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy
  • Develop and implement an IT strategy
  • Develop and implement an estates strategy
  • Build a new aseptic suite

Discover new ways to improve children’s health

  • Patients will benefit from accessing latest treatments
  • Lead in the development of novel diagnostics and therapiesScientist analyses DNA
  • Maximise the development and evaluation of technology
  • Support and develop collaborations between clinicians, academics and industry
  • National leadership in research in children’s healthcare
  • Support growth areas in paediatric sub-specialty research
  • Develop a research portfolio in community and mental health

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Build upon our expertise and reputation in Child Health Innovation and Technology
  • Ensure that patients and families play a key role in research and innovation developments
  • Develop new models of care through the development of novel digital technologies
  • Increase recruitment to and adoption of NIHR portfolio studies
  • Provide high quality facilities and expertise to support commercial trials and commercial research collaborations
  • Develop partnerships with industry to support innovation, research and technology to improve children’s health care in line with the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy
  • Ensure Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a partner in strategic city-wide and regional health, research and innovation developments
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