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Understanding and Managing Difficult Feelings in Autism videos

If your child has seen a clinician at Ryegate and this is the first time you are visiting this page, please enter the name and date of birth of your child in the space below. This helps us to keep track of how much the resources are used and helps us find the most helpful support for your child when needed.
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The following 12 videos and resources have been made for families who have a child with autism. They are best used after visiting our other supportive resources. The resources on this page are designed to help you support your child in understanding and managing their feelings as part of their autism. We would suggest that you watch the introduction video first as it explains how to use the resources.

When you have finished using the resources, please complete the form at the bottom of the page so that we can continue to improve the resources we offer.

How to use these videos (3 mins)

Please watch the introduction below to help you get the best out of the resources.

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Introducing the 6 steps of emotion regulation (2 mins)
Understanding emotions in autism (9 mins)
Making sense of your child's emotions (4 mins)
Managing meltdowns (4 mins)
Steps 1 and 2 - Recognising and naming feelings (3 mins)
Step 3 - Making sense of feelings (3 mins)
Step 4 - Taking control of feelings (11 mins)
Step 5 - Trying different ways of managing feelings (9 mins)
Step 6 - Putting the plan together (2 mins)
Looking after yourself (3 mins)
Final thoughts (3 mins)
Feedback form and further support

Now that you have watched the videos, please complete the following form. If you need support or have questions about the videos you can also find support below.

If your child is being followed up in the Sheffield Neurodisability/Neurodevelopmental service by a Consultant Paediatrician or Specialist Nurse

You can use the form below to request a one-off telephone appointment. A member of our team will call you and book a convenient time to speak to one of the Psychology team.

If your child is under the care of Sheffield CAMHS (not Ryegate)

Please contact Sheffield CAMHS to request further input or a re-referral to the team.
Becton Centre, call 0114 305 3106
Centenary House, call 0114 305 3218

If you live outside Sheffield (or are not under the care of Sheffield services)

You can ask your GP for a referral to a local service like CAMHS.

Any requests for support on this form for young people not under the care of Ryegate will not be processed.

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Translating information to your home language: Google Translate

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2) Click on your home language. The text will then change

Google Translate may not translate all words correctly. Please contact us on 0114 271 7645 if you are unable to translate or access the videos.

Translating information to your home language: subtitles

1) Click the subtitles icon

2) Click the settings icon then ‘subtitles/CC’

3) Click Auto-translate

4) Choose your language

You need to turn on the subtitles for all the videos.

The subtitles are translated through YouTube, again some words may not be translated correctly. Please contact us on 0114 271 7645 if you are unable to translate or access the videos.

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