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These workshop videos will take you on a journey of what autism is, how to support your autistic child in specific areas including communication, using the toilet, eating, sleep and behaviour.

Below are a series of videos that make up our autism parent and carer workshops. We have now turned our face to face workshops into short, accessible videos which are available to everyone, whatever stage of the journey you are on. We have separated these videos out into modules to enable you to access the ones relevant to you. You can also revisit these at any time as a refresher if you wish or suggest them to families and friends to view.

They are designed for parents and carers of children and young people either with a diagnosis of autism, or who are awaiting an autism assessment. The aim of the videos is to support your understanding of autism and how it may impact your child. We offer basic autism strategies and ideas of ways to support your child and discuss other support and services that are available to you. As a team we feel this core information is essential and recommend all families with a children with or without a formal diagnosis access these videos. If you would like a further discussion with a clinician for your child in any area relating to the workshop, please fill in the evaluation form at the bottom of this page.

Introduction to autism

1) Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

2) The impact of an autism diagnosis

3) Your toolkit

4) Support services


1) Communication

2) Language and Communication strategies

Please contact us via this request form if you require the resource pack that we refer to in this video.

Speech and Language resources enquiry form

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3) Eating (pre-school)

4) Sleeping (pre-school)

5) Toilet training

School age

1) Behaviour

2) Eating (school age)

3) Sleeping (school age)

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