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autism drawing

This page has information about a range of services and support for specific areas your child may need help with. You can access many of these resources directly without needing a referral. You can also access many of these services without a confirmed diagnosis, as they are based on need and not on having a specific diagnosis. This means you do not need to wait until your assessment appointment and can seek support as soon as you need it. 

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If a referral or diagnosis is required, we have clarified this in the information. The wait for an assessment can be very long and we know this is a difficult and frustrating time for your child and your family. Many of these services are the same ones we recommend to families after a diagnosis.

We work closely with colleagues in other services, including social care, schools and in the community. Information and resources are also available on their websites.

National Autism Charities

National Autistic Society Provides support, guidance and advice for autistic people and their families. Families can access information on the website directly and your child does not need a confirmed diagnosis.

Ambitious about autism Provide information and guidance about understanding autism, behaviours, early years, education and transition to adulthood.

Please see the links below for more information on what happens before, during and after the autism assessment. Before your autism assessment | During your autism assessment | After your autism assessment

Translating information to your home language: Google Translate

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Google Translate may not translate all words correctly. Please contact us on 0114 271 7645 if you have any questions about the text.

Translating information to your home language: subtitles

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You need to turn on the subtitles for all the videos.

The subtitles are translated through YouTube. Some words may not be translated correctly. Please contact us on 0114 271 7617 if you have any questions about the videos. We can arrange a telephone call with an interpreter if needed.

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