0-19 Service celebrates International Year of the Nurse

Dawn celebrates international year of the midwife
27 February 2020

To New Zealand and back, training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and travelling to Iraq with the British Army – the 0-19 Service team have all taken different routes before arriving at Sheffield Children’s.

2020 is the International Year of the Nurse and to celebrate our 0-19 Service came together to share their nursing journey stories.

Dawn Blake, Specialist Vulnerability Practitioner, talked about how, after securing a place at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, she realised that nursing was actually the career for her.

Dawn said: “It’s such a rewarding job. There’s nothing greater than seeing that you’ve been involved in a family’s life and made a real difference.

“I was once a named nurse for a child with additional needs and then years later I was just shopping and a deep voice called my name. I couldn’t believe it was the father of the child! He showed me pictures of his prom which really made my day.”

Nicola Taylor, Health Visitor/Practice Teacher, took the long way to Sheffield Children’s. After training and working in the city, she travelled to New Zealand to work before returning to start a health visitor course in Rotherham and then later moving to Sheffield Children’s.

Rebecca Sobey, 0-19 Service Manager (North) Paediatric Liaison said: “It was humbling to hear very moving and personal accounts of what brought individuals into a nursing career, which captured the quality and high calibre of practitioners in the 0-19 Service.”

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more nursing stories throughout the year and if you would like to find out more about the 0-19 Service, please visit our webpage.

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