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Life lesson from Teddy – be happy!

Life lesson from Teddy – be happy!

31 January 2019

The happiest chap, 14 month-old Teddy David Jacomb-Ryan from Scunthorpe, is brightening the wards here at Sheffield Children’s. Teddy was born with ten fingers and toes but with a little difference – two of his fingers hadn’t separated. He...

Brittle bones child from Belfast “like one of the X-Men”

Brittle bones child from Belfast “like one of the X-Men”

25 January 2019

A six-year-old with brittle bones travels 1,300 miles from Belfast every year for life-saving treatment. Eva, who has osteogenesis imperfecta type three, travels to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to be treated. When she was little, even sneezing could cause her...

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As a result of Mia donating her organs, five people received life saving transplants.Marie said: “Mia’s death has…
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