young people

Answers to some common questions about our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

What is CAMHS?
What is mental health?
Will people think I'm mad if I go to CAMHS?
Do CAMHS see all children that have emotional issues?
Do CAMHS see children that self-harm straight away?
How do I get an appointment to see CAMHS?
How long does it take to be seen by CAMHS?
Is there anything I can do while I wait?
Who will come with me to my appointment?
Who will I see?
What sort of things will CAMHS do to help me?
Will people find out I'm seeing CAMHS?
How long will I be with CAMHS?
Where are the CAMHS teams?
Do I have to stay overnight?
Are children placed on adult psychiatric wards?
What about children who are in care?
Is CAMHS available out-of-hours?
Do children and young people have a say in CAMHS?
Can I still get CAMHS if I've been in trouble with the law?

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