Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Becton Centre

Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) treats children and young people with a range of difficulties that are seriously impacting on their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Patients can be seen and helped in a number of ways from consultations through to staying at our state-of-the-art inpatient facilities. We also have a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week psychiatric on-call service.

Find out how to refer to our CAMHS services.

CAMHS teams

We have several teams of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in CAMHS who you may meet during your visit.

Our teams offer a range of different services:

  • The Becton Centre for Children and Young People is a state-of-the-art centre for children and young adults aged up to 18 with serious and complex mental health issues. The centre offers intensive outreach treatment, day and inpatient services in four lodges: Amber Lodge (ages 5-11), Emerald Lodge (ages 10-14), Ruby Lodge (ages 8-18) and Sapphire Lodge (ages 14-18).
  • Our Community CAMHS Teams have two bases at different locations in the city to make it easier for people to see them: Beighton Community CAMHS at the Becton Centre and Centenary Community CAMHS in Upperthorpe.
  • The Child and Adolescent Learning Disability and Mental Health Team sees a particular group of children and young people with moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities and who may be experiencing a range of emotional and/or mental health difficulties in the community.
  • Vulnerable Children’s Team which includes MAPS, Forensic CAMHS and workers who work into multi agency settings for Looked after Children and youth offending.


Our CAMHS teams are composed of mental health professionals in a wide range of roles which helps us ensure that we can give patients the most appropriate treatment and support.

Psychiatrists are doctors who have had special training in how to work with people who are having problems with how they think, feel or behave. They are experienced in deciding if a person needs medicine to help them.
Clinical Psychologists are trained to understand how people think, learn and behave. In CAMHS, they use their knowledge of how children develop to help them tackle problems with how they feel, what they think and what they do.
Mental Health Nurses
Our Mental Health Nurses are specially trained to work with children and young people with mental health problems. They are experienced at working with individuals and with parents.
Art Therapists
Art Therapists use art materials to support children and young people to think and talk about their problems. They usually work individually with them but occasionally work with families and groups of young people.
Family Therapists
Family Therapists tend to work with whole families but will also work with individuals or different combinations of family members. They help to tackle problems by helping people to look at their relationships and explore the way they live their lives together.
Psychotherapists work individually with children and young people to help them understand why they feel the way they do and why they do the things they do.
Mental Health Workers
We have a variety of workers in our team who are trained in other professions, such as Occupational Therapy and Social Work. They are experienced at working with children and young people with mental health problems and their families. They use a range of different methods.
Primary Mental Health Workers
Primary Mental Health Workers spend some of their time in the local MAST (Multi-Agency Support Teams) teams providing advice and consultation to other professionals and liaising between CAMHS and other services.
One of the jobs of our team is to train people who are learning one of the professions and our trainees are often involved in the care of children and young people who come to our service.

Epic Friends

The Sheffield CAMHS team developed the Epic Friends website to help young people who think their friends may have mental health problems.

The site offers advice on a range of issues including bullying, depression, anxiety, family problems, self-harm and eating disorders. It also offers guidance on when to seek help and where to go for further support.

Epic Friends was funded by The Children’s Hospital Charity.

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