Sheffield Eating Disorders Assessment and Treatment Team (SEDATT)

Becton Centre

SEDATT is a city-wide assessment and treatment team that meets with young people with eating difficulties and their families to assess if they have an eating disorder. These include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder (BED) and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).

The assessment clinic is a ‘one stop shop’ where families meet several members of the team all in one morning. This can include psychiatrists, family therapists, paediatricians, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, systemic practitioners and dietitians.

It is a comprehensive process that can take up to three hours.

What happens at a SEDATT assessment

What happens at a SEDATT assessment


At SEDATT we use our detailed assessment with the young person and their family to make sure that we understand their needs for making positive changes.

With this detailed information we are able to offer bespoke treatment packages for eating disorders and related mental health conditions.

With regular reviews we are able to continue monitoring progress and make sure that the most appropriate treatment is being provided.

Treatments and therapies we offer include:

  • meal planning support
  • psychoeducation
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • family/systemic therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • cognitive behaviour therapy-enhanced
  • guided self-help
  • multi-family therapy
  • psychiatric assessment
  • medication review
  • body image work
  • home treatment
  • support to paediatric wards
  • dietetic support
  • physical monitoring

Feedback from patients and families

“They were just talking to me straightforward, not like skirting around the facts, that’s good” – young person

“It was important for us to hear the seriousness of it but it was also important for [young person] to hear just how seriously she was affected by the starving, the pressures it was putting on the body” – parent

“They were looking at it from all angles. It’s better than just one person looking at that situation anyway… the whole of them are making the judgement together and I think for the initial meeting, that was really good” – young person

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