Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon

Role: Public Governor Sheffield North West

My youngest son, Louis, has been under the care of several departments at Sheffield Children’s Hospital for many years. When he was six months old, he suffered a number of allergic reactions. These reactions caused severe asthma attacks, which turned into long bouts of pneumonia. In December 2007, we very nearly lost Louis. If it wasn’t for the initial care he received in the Emergency Department and then the High Dependency Unit, he would not be alive today.

It was the scariest and most surreal few hours of my life when I watched two nurses, two doctors and a consultant all working on him at the same time. I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Louis was discharged from the hospital at 8pm on Christmas Eve and I went to visit some of the nurses who had been looking after him to thank them. A number of the nurses had finished their shifts hours earlier but had stayed behind to wrap presents for children who were waking up in the hospital on Christmas morning.

I realised what a special place Sheffield Children’s Hospital is and I wanted to help in some way in the future. Eight years later the opportunity arose to become a Governor – and do just that.

In 2015 I was elected as a Public Governor for Sheffield North West. My role is to ensure that the needs of local people are being met and that their views are put forward to the hospital’s Board of Directors.

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