Council of Governors

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Andrew Garner

Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Specialist, Staff Governor
Partner governor Bethan Plant

Bethan Plant

Partner Governor Sheffield City Council
Debbie Mander

Debbie Mander

Patient/Carer Governor - Carer
Amaka Offiah
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Dr Amaka Offiah

Radiologist / Partner Governor The University of Sheffield
Carrie MacKenzie
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Dr Carrie MacKenzie

Staff Governor Medical & Dental / Consultant Paediatrician / PGME Director
Kathryn Holden
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Dr Kathryn Holden

Staff Governor Other Clinical / Senior Clinical Psychologist
Nikki Bates
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Dr Nikki Bates

Partner Governor Sheffield CCG
Ruth Barley

Dr Ruth Barley

Partner Governor Sheffield Hallam University
Emma Packham public governor

Emma Packham

Public Governor - Sheffield North West
Heather Bellamy public governor

Heather Bellamy

Public Governor - Sheffield South West
Helen Smith
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Helen Smith

Public Governor Sheffield South West

Ismail Mir

Patient/Carer Governor- Patient; Rest of England and Wales

Isobel Robson

Public Governor - Doncaster
Staff Governor Jack Hiscock

Jack Hiscock

Staff Governor - Non-Clinical
Phil Parkes

Phil Parkes

Public Governor Sheffield South East
Rebecca Kent

Rebecca Kent

Public Governor Barnsley
Robert Peace

Robert Peace

Public Governor Rest of England and Wales - Lead Governor

Sam Broadhead

Patient/Carer Governor - Patient, Sheffield

Samantha Burns

Staff Governor - Nursing and Midwifery
Public Governor Steve Bell

Steve Bell

Public Governor Sheffield North West

Vincent Keddie

Public Governor - Sheffield South West
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
He added: “The godsend was the house, Magnolia House, it was brilliant.” Magnolia and Treetop house accommodate par…

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