Looked After and Adoptive Childrens Health Laach Team

Charlotte Connolly-Hayes

LAACH Support Secretary
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Dr Katherine Teasdale

Consultant Community Paediatrician - Child Protection

Dr Lorraine Pearson

Designated Doctor for Looked After Children

Dr Marina Ranczuch

Specialty Doctor in Community Paediatrics
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Dr Patrice Tom

Specialty Doctor - Community

Dr Sarah Gough

Consultant Paediatrician
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Joanne McLean

LAC Health Team Clerical Officer
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Louise Large

Specialist Nurse Looked After Children

Lucy Bancroft

LAACH Co-ordinator

Lynda Briggs

Lead Nurse for Looked After Children
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Sarah Jewitt

Specialist Nurse Looked After Children

Susan Attlesey

LAACH Team Administrator
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Victoria Reynolds

LAACH Administrator
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
He had to spend 19 days isolated in his room, but this afternoon was able to go out to see his family, open present… https://t.co/Jpogvfz9Ry

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