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Clinical Genetics Team

Alice Howell

Clinical Research Nurse

Alyson Bradbury

Genetic Nurse Counsellor

Carrie Hammond

Genetic Counsellor

Cathryn Dow

Cancer Co-ordinator
Profile picture of Consultant Diana Johnson

Dr Diana Johnson

Consultant Clinical Geneticist/EDS Specialist
Profile picture of Consultant Glenda Sobey

Dr Glenda Sobey

Consultant EDS Specialist (Lead)

Dr Jacqueline Cook

Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Dr Meena Balasubramanian

Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Dr Michael Parker

Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Dr Oliver Quarrell

Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Dr Rhoda Akilapa

Specialist Registrar

Helen Howie

Genetic Nurse Counsellor
Profile picture of Genetic Counsellor Jessica Bowen

Jessica Bowen

EDS Genetic Counsellor

Judith Tocher

Genetic Counsellor

Louise Nevitt

Senior Clinical Research Officer

Mary Jones

Genetic Counsellor

Rachael Cann

Clinical Research Officer

Richard Sayers

Genetic Counsellor

Sharon Pagdin

Genetic Nurse Counsellor

Tim Miller

Clinical Research Nurse
Profile picture of EDS Coordinator

Yvonne Bedford

EDS Co-ordinator
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
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