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Allergy Team

Allyson Barber

Nurse Specialist Allergy

Anita Critchlow

Nurse Specialist Allergy/Respiratory
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Anna Ford

Immunology Nurse Specialist
Caroline Kerrison
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Dr Caroline Kerrison

Consultant Paediatric Immunology / Allergy / Infectious Disease
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Dr Eleanor Minshall

Allergy Consultant
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Dr Fiona Shackley

Consultant Paediatric Immunology/Allergy/Infectious Diseases

Dr Nicola Jay

Consultant Paediatrician Respiratory and Allergy

Dr Sibel Ajtai-Sonmez

Consultant Paediatrician Allergy
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Emily Sare

Allergy Nurse

Hazel Stringer

Allergy Nurse

Lynsey Perkins

Nurse Specialist Allergy

Rachel Blyton

Highly Specialist Dietitian
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
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As of 1 September 2022, patients and families no longer need to wear face coverings. This applies to all sites.More information on how we are keeping you safe is available here.