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Suzanne Carrick

Suzanne Carrick

Role: Head of Hearing Services



I have worked as a paediatric audiologist since 2003, having trained as a student at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and progressed through the grades to Specialist Paediatric Audiologist.

In addition to my professional qualifications I have an MSc in Advanced Practice, a Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and training qualifications. I am also trained to perform ear wax removal.

I am currently the lead for the Medical Audiology Service and work closely with the Medical Audiology Specialist Paediatrician in order to ensure that children with permanent childhood hearing loss have any medical needs associated with their hearing loss investigated and other their development reviewed.

I am also the audiology lead for Implantable Hearing Devices and work closely with the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeons to ensure children who could be offered implantable hearing devices are considered within the context of the multi-disciplinary team. These include children that may be candidates for bone anchored hearing aids and devices, middle ear implants and cochlear implants.

I have keen interest in development and training, and have been involved in delivery of training across professional groups.

I really enjoy my job and value being able to work with children of all ages, and families of all types.

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