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Samantha Lear

Samantha Lear

Role: Lead Audiology Scientist

I have worked in the NHS since 1993, when I started as a trainee Audiological Scientist in Nottingham. Following that, I worked in the Cochlear Implant Programme & Audiology at Great Ormond Street, and then moved to Sheffield in 2001 and worked at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. I have been the Lead Clinical Scientist in Hearing Services at Sheffield Children’s since 2006.

I lead the department’s Hearing Aid Service, and some of the specialist services such as the Vestibular (balance) clinic, the Tinnitus service and the Listening Difficulties clinic. I am also the department’s lead for Research and Innovation and am particularly proud of the projects we have instigated and contributed to, and the continual improvement of our highly specialised Vestibular service.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
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