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Dr Kathryn Holden

Kathryn Holden

Dr Kathryn Holden

Role: Staff Governor Other Clinical / Senior Clinical Psychologist

Specialities: Burns and General Paediatrics

Conferences and papers

Holden, K., Wynne, T., Calvert, R., Horn, R.,& Blundell Jones., J. (2016, June). Development of a CBT group intervention for Procedural Anxiety in Paediatrics. Poster presented at the Paediatric Psychology Network Annual Conference: What good looks like, Edinburgh.

Holden, K., Kellett, S., Davies, J., & Scott, S. (2016). The experience of working with people that hoard: a Q-sort exploration. The Journal of Mental Health. DOI: 10.3109/09638237.2016.1167851

Kellett, S., & Holden, K. (2014). Emotional Attachment to Objects in Hoarding: A Critical Review of the Evidence. In R. O’Frost & G. Steketee (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Hoarding and Acquiring (120-138). USA: Oxford University Press.

Holden, K., Warren, K., & Thompson, A. (2012, January). Staff, Volunteer and Service-User Experience of Health and Wellbeing Events and Peer-Support Services for Survivors of Cancer. Poster presented at the British Psycho Oncology Society Annual Conference on Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation, Leeds.

Holden, K., & Isaac, C.L. (2011). Depression in multiple sclerosis: reactive or endogenous? The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 25, 624-639.

Tsoi, D.T., Lee, K.H., Gee. K.A., Holden, K.L., & Woodruff, P.W.R. (2008). Humour experience in schizophrenia: relationship with executive dysfunction and psychosocial impairment. Psychological Medicine, 38, 801-810.

Tsoi, D.T., Lee, K.H., Parks, R., Gee. K.A., Holden, K.L., & Woodruff, P.W.R. (2007). Impaired humour recognition associates with frontal executive dysfunction and poor social functioning in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 33, 225

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