Jane Kirkby

Jane Kirkby

Role: Highly Specialist Clinical (Respiratory) Physiologist
Telephone: 0114 2717369

Currently managing the Rob Primak Respiratory Physiology Laboratory (Action Lab). Responsible for the performance and interpretation of a wide range of lung function and exercise tests on children aged 3 to 18. Alongside the clinical work, I am involved in teaching respiratory physiology both within the Trust and nationally. I am Vice Chair of the Paediatric committee for the Association of Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) and have been working with the Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) to develop lung function reference ranges since 2008. My research interest include lung function and exercise.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
“We’ve even had a shoulder massage from one of the volunteers!” Being in hospital has unfortunately delayed Macie… https://t.co/PElXPun0lV

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