Jack Hiscock

Staff Governor Jack Hiscock

Jack Hiscock

Role: Staff Governor - Non-Clinical

I was elected as a non-clinical staff governor in the summer of 2018 and started my role in September in the same year.

I have been working as an Audit and Effectiveness Officer since 2013 covering the Surgery and Critical Care Division. Prior to this I studied Archaeology in Sheffield and African Archaeology at University College London. I live in Sheffield with my wife and two young children and we all enjoy exploring Rivelin Valley whenever we get a chance.

At work I have a diverse and wide range of interests, from teaching other staff members all the way through to the treatment of patients with burn injuries.

I am happy to hear from staff, parents, service users and members of the public and will do my best to ensure your views are heard.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
"Working in mental health is something I have wanted to do since I was 10 years old and being in Becton really soli… https://t.co/7LJ7RDMNla

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