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Dr Charlotte Wright

Charlotte Wright

Dr Charlotte Wright

Role: Clinical Psychologist
Telephone: 0114 271 7296

Specialty: Burns


Wright, C. & Waller, G. (2020) The impact of teaching clinicians about implementing   exposure therapy with patients with eating disorders: A nonrandomized           controlled study. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 53, 107-112.

Waller, D’Souza & Wright (2016) Impact of education on clinicians’ attitudes to      exposure therapy for eating disorders, Behavior Research and Therapy, 76,    76-80

Magazine articles

Wright, Lear & Daglish (2018) Short term clinical psychology input into the paediatric       audiology service – triumphs and challenges, British Academy of Audiology magazine, 48, 14-15

Conference presentations

Wright, C. (2019). A case example highlighting the therapeutic benefit of an intrusive ringtone in EMDR. Poster Presentation at Paediatric Psychology Network               Annual Conference, Cambridge

Wright, C. (2019). A case example using Family Based IPT-A to engage a reluctant      teen. Poster Presentation at Paediatric Psychology Network Annual               Conference, Cambridge

Wright, C. (2019). The emotional impact of FGM and subsequent police investigation     – a case study. Poster Presentation at Child Abuse and Neglect Conference,        London.

Wright, C. (2017) Psychological Interventions with Audiology Patients – A Series of   Case Studies. Podium Presentation at British Academy of Audiology Annual           Conference, Bournemouth

Wright, C. & Lear, S. (2017) Short Term Psychology Input into a Paediatric Audiology   Service – Triumphs and Challenges. Poster presentation at British Academy         of Audiology Annual Conference, Bournemouth

Wright, C. & Tidswell, K. (2018) Promoting the psychological wellbeing of children,  young  people and their families at Sheffield Children’s Hospital SARC –   What Clinical Psychology can offer. Poster presentation at St Mary’s 16th Annual Conference, Manchester

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