Brian Silverwood

Brian Silverwood

Role: Matron / Bed Management Team Manager

Brian has worked in the NHS since 1987 and commenced his nurse training at Barnsley hospital in 1988. He first came to work at Sheffield Children’s Hospital in 1996 on the orthopaedic ward as a senior staff nurse and later the ward manager. He also worked with Professor Bishop to set up the metabolic bone disease service in 2000. Brian returned to Sheffield Children’s in May 2015 as the Matron for Medicine.

Brian has published a number of articles and book chapters regarding the orthopaedic care of children in hospital.

Brian has an MA in Health Care Law from the University of Salford awarded in 2007 and previously worked for the Healthcare Commission and CQC as a full time hospital inspector.

As Matron Brian is responsible for the medical inpatient wards, medical daycare, the infection prevention nursing team and the bed management team. He also carries a number of Trust level responsibilities such as the staff flu vaccination programme and SAFE programme. Brian works closely with the medical director and others to develop systems which enable early detection of the poorly child in hospital so that timely and safe interventions may be given.

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