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Sheffield Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

child looking up at adult pointing at book together

Who we are

Our team is made up of clerical support staff, Speech and Language Therapy Assistants and Speech and Language Therapists.  We have several bases across the city (see How To Reach Us)

Who we see

We work with children with speech, language and communication or swallowing difficulties, from 0-16 years of age.  We also offer a speech and language therapy service to adults who stammer.

What we do

The Speech and Language Therapist’s role is to identify children’s strengths and needs; and to support the development of skills in the child through their carers and teachers, to enable the child to maximise their potential. 

Where we work

In a variety of settings from clinics (across the city), nurseries, schools, family homes, Children’s Centres and local hospitals. 

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As of 6 July 2022 everyone (colleagues, patients and families) must wear a mask. This applies to all spaces across. all sitesMore information on how we are keeping you safe is available here.