Exercise and activity ideas for children and families

As a team we have decided to try and help all out children and families remain active (and entertained) during the current difficult situation caused by Coronavirus.
We will be uploading videos each week – a Workout Of the Week (WOW) on a Monday, something a bit different on a Wednesday and a Friday challenge.
We will also start to compile useful resources for parents during this time – these can be found in the Resources section on this page.
You can meet (some of) the team right now! 

The Keepy-Uppy Challenge – Friday 27 March

Our first WOW (Workout Of the Week)

Practice with Pollyanna

Friday Challenge – April 3

Workout of the Week Two

Please follow Sheffield Children’s Instagram and Twitter feeds to make sure you’re kept up to date with all our exercises, activities and fun suggestions. Please share them far and wide to help keep as many people as active and healthy as we can, whatever their unique and fabulous ability!

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