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Limb Reconstruction Therapy

Introduction to the team

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is an international Centre of Excellence for Paediatric Limb Reconstruction Services (PLRS) and has a highly specialized team of surgeons, nurses, therapists and allied health professionals who work closely together to monitor and review children and young people, and rehabilitate them through the various stages of their recovery.

What to expect

If you are having complex orthopaedic surgery which is expected to affect your ability to bear weight, you will be seen by a therapist at a pre-operative assessment. During this time you will be asked a number of questions that allow us to plan for your surgery and order any equipment that is necessary. This time also gives an opportunity for you as a family to gain any information that helps you to plan for the surgery ahead. Once you have had your surgery you will be seen by the Therapy Team on the ward, who will support you with the very early stages of your rehabilitation and help to prepare you for going home. If an onward referral is required for further therapy after you have been discharged, this will be organised with your local therapy team. 


The aim of therapy in limb reconstruction is to maintain joint range of movement, muscle strength and mobility or function throughout treatment from being in hospital to going home. We show the children in our care how to complete daily activities such as using the stairs and bathing. The occupational therapist may make splints or specialist footwear to aid these processes. The length of a hospital stay varies depending on the operation and the person so it is not possible to give specific time frames for leaving hospital.

We offer a therapy service to all our inpatients. Outpatient physiotherapy is provided for children in their local area and we provide support in consultant clinics for all children using the PLRS as required. We also provide advice and support on returning to school and sporting activities.

Our therapy room

You may come to our therapy room for rehabilitation with your occupational therapist or physiotherapist. You can find this room on Ward 1 next to the Teen Room.


Referrals come from consultant clinics, or after an operation.

Information resources

See all our limb reconstruction resources online

Therapy resources

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Rehabilitation guidelines

Useful websites

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