Major Trauma

Major Trauma Centre

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is a nationally designated trauma centre for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. The majority of children involved in major accidents in the area will come to our hospital for care.

The causes of major trauma injuries include road traffic incidents, falls or burns. We treat all of these at Sheffield Children’s Hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients brought to us with major trauma injuries come to our Emergency Department and are seen initially by our designated trauma team. These are expert medics and nurses who are specifically trained to deal with major injuries.

Patients often arrive by road ambulance or independently but also come to us by the air ambulance which has a landing site in Weston Park opposite the hospital.

Decision on trauma injury

The ambulance service makes a decision on whether or not a patient has a major trauma injury and alerts the Emergency Department team of the child’s pending hospital arrival.

All patients within a 45 minute ambulance drive will come directly to Sheffield. Others may go to their local hospital first and after being stabilised will be transported by our dedicated Embrace transport service which transports critically ill children and young people between hospitals.

What happens next

The patient will be met and stabilised by the trauma team before being moved for tests or admitted to the relevant ward.

Usually major trauma patients will go to Radiology for a Computer Tomography (CT) scan to look at the patient’s bones. They will then be admitted to Neurosciences, Burns or Orthopaedic Departments depending on the type of injury.

After the patient has been medically stabilised they then receive rehabilitiation from our dedicated team of therapists. This will include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and speech and language therapists.

National Major Trauma Centre

The Trust was given designation as a Trauma Centre in 2012 as part of a national review of trauma care in the UK. Following a successful visit by independent expert trauma consultants our Trust was deemed to provide high quality care for trauma patients.

The assessors reported the Trust had a: ‘very impressive institutional commitment to making major trauma work.’

In response to the designation we appointed a Trauma and Rehabilitation Co-ordinator who is a family advocate and takes care of each family’s individual requirements while receiving our care. The Co-ordinator is a physiotherapist who acts as a single point of contact for each family

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