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Information for hearing aid users

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After your first fitting

Allow time to adjust to the hearing aid/s. Try and build up use until they are worn consistently for all of the day or as recommended by the Audiologist.

Contact us if you notice any changes in ability to hear with or without the hearing aids. Review of the hearing aids is done a few weeks after fitting and then regularly until 16 years of age.

Maintenance of the hearing aid

How do I look after the earmould?

Keep it clean by washing it regularly in the following way:

  • Detach the ear mould from the hearing aid
  • Remove any debris which is blocking the tube
  • Wash the ear mould in warm soapy water
  • Dry it thoroughly and remove any water in the tube by blowing it out using the ‘puffer’ provided
  • Re-attach the ear mould to the hearing aid

Changing the tubing

You should change the tubing when:

  • It becomes hard, discoloured, or twisted
  • There is a hole or split in the tube
  • Tubing is too short and needs to be re-measured
  • The tubing is blocked

If you haven’t been shown ask at your next appointment.

When should I contact the department for new earmoulds?

  • The hearing aid is whistling when in the ear
  • The earmould has clearly become outgrown, so that you can see a gap between the edge of the earmould and the ear
  • The earmould is split or damaged
  • The earmould is uncomfortable

Do we need to come to the hospital to collect the new earmoulds?

Your audiologist should have shown you how to trim the tube to the right length.

If not, please ask at your next appointment. When you are confident at trimming the tubing we can post the new earmoulds home to you.

Earmould safety

Please be aware that earmoulds are small objects which can sometimes be a choking hazard.

Contact us

Please contact us if you require:

  • More batteries
  • Spare tubing
  • If you need a new mould
  • If you feel the hearing aid many be faulty
  • If you feel the hearing has changed with or without the hearing aid

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