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Health Visiting clinics

Your Health visiting team will invite you to a clinic appointment when they need to see you and your child. You can request an appointment outside of the schedule if you need – please contact the team by ringing 0114 3053224.

Children’s Centres in Sheffield

Athelstan's Children's Centre, Richmond Park Drive, Sheffield, S13 8HH
Brightside Children Centre, Jenkin Road, Sheffield, S9 1AS
Burngreave Children's Centre, 19 Spital Street, Sheffield, S3 9LB
Darnall Children's Centre, 563 Staniforth Road, Sheffield, S9 4RA
First Start Children Centre, 441 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6HH
Primrose Children's Centre, Creswick Street, Sheffield, S2 2TN
Sharrow Children's Centre, 281 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4NF
Shooters Grove Children's Centre, 248 Wood Lane, Sheffield, S6 5HN
Shortbrook Children's Centre, Westfield Northway, Westfield, Sheffield, S20 8FB
The Meadows Childrens Centre, 349 Shirecliffe Road, Sheffield, S5 8XJ
Valley Park Children's Centre, 100 Norton Avenue, Sheffield, S14 1SL
Woodthorpe Childrens Centre Lewis Road, Sheffield, S13 8DA
Wybourn Children's Centre 224 Manor Oaks Road, Sheffield, S2 5EE

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As of 6 July 2022 everyone (colleagues, patients and families) must wear a mask. This applies to all spaces across. all sitesMore information on how we are keeping you safe is available here.

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