Gait Analysis Lab

Ryegate therapy block

Our Gait Analysis Lab is a Clinical Movement Analysis Society (CMAS) Nationally Accredited Gait Laboratory and our team works at Ryegate Children’s Centre in a state-of-the-art facility.

By using specialist equipment we can look closely at the movement of legs and feet and the forces acting on joints during walking.

We can measure abnormalities in walking patterns, determine the cause of these abnormalities and provide information to assist decisions on treatment including surgery, medication, therapy and splints.

The information collected in a gait analysis appointment is discussed with consultants and other specialists and treatment is decided from there.

We work with a number of children and young adults with conditions including:

Clinical Movement Analysis Society

A major focus of the work being undertaken by CMAS is the development of standards for the operation of clinical movement analysis laboratories in the UK and Ireland. As part of this work CMAS accredits gait laboratories that are known to be working in accordance with the published standards.

Visit the CMAS website to find out more about movement analysis and read Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s Statement of Purpose.

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