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Specialist transport equipment

Specialists ambulance with rear doors open

Equipment we may use to transfer your child

The size and weight of your baby/child will be taken into account when we decide what equipment to bring with us to transport them.

The Incubator is used for our smallest patients (up to 4kg).

These are mobile versions of the ones you may have seen on the Neonatal Unit and have heating to keep your baby warm.

Babies over 2kg who are nursed in an incubator at low temperature on the unit or in an open cot can be transferred in a BabyPod. The BabyPod has no internal heating although we do carry a heated mattress for the smaller babies to keep them warm.

Babies over 5kg and older children travel on a trolley secured with a harness called an Ambulance Child Restraint (ACR). 

These harnesses fasten round the shoulders and around the hips to secure the child to the trolley. Children over 45kg will be secured using the seat belt integral to the trolley.

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