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 sensory clinic

Here at the Ryegate Children’s Centre the Early Years team runs a variety of clinics and workshops to meet the needs of the children we see.

Down’s syndrome clinic

We hold monthly clinics with one of our consultant paediatricians, where our occupational therapist and physiotherapist offer advice and therapy for children with Down syndrome.

Hydrotherapy clinic

We run a number of hydrotherapy clinics at Ryegate, catering for children where their therapy goals can be best achieved in water. Our clinics are staffed by therapists and therapy assistants and children attend usually for a course of six one to one weekly sessions. Their progress is then reviewed by their therapist and new goals are set.

Mobility clinic

A close working relationship between the team and the Specialised Mobility Services at the Northern General Hospital has meant that several times a year a specialist pushchair and wheelchair clinic for children is held at Ryegate Children’s Centre with co-ordinated input from the therapists.

Orthotic clinic

Similar in principle to the Orthotic Clinics run at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the Orthotic Clinic at Ryegate provides an assessment of a child’s foot position and supplies them with prescription insoles, splints, helmets and other custom made orthotics.

Postural care clinc

Children with restricted movement often stay in a limited number of positions. Over time changes in their body shape can occur which means that these positions are seen when lying and sitting.

The postural care clinic looks at night time position in particular, as children spend a third of their life in bed.

We assess body shape and then assess for night time positioning to help improve and protect body symmetry.

Sensory workshop

Some of the children we work with have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. They may be very sensitive to some sensations such as light, noise, textures, movement and/or crave sensory input.

We offer parent/carer workshops where you can come and find out more about sensory processing and strategies that might help your child.

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