Dermatology patient

The Dermatology team helps patients with the treatment and management of a range of skin conditions including eczema, acne, psoriasis and many more.

We see patients in outpatient clinics, on hospital wards and in the community. Our nursing staff also work with other healthcare professionals to promote education about dermatology.

A minor operations service runs once a month where children over five years old can have skin biopsies or moles removed under local anaesthetic without the need for a general anaesthetic or hospital bed.

We also run a cosmetic camouflage service twice a month. This helps patients to take control over the visible effects of conditions, injuries or scars left by surgery.

There are very few dedicated services for paediatric dermatology in the region and families come to us from across the country to see our consultants.


Our Consultant Dermatologists Professor Mike Cork and Dr Ruth Murphy are carrying out research into systemic drugs to treat eczema in the research centre at Sheffield Children’s.

These drugs have the potential to transform the lives of severe eczema sufferers and results so far have been encouraging.

Alternative treatments

We are working with the Infection Control team and Pharmacy to look at alternative antimicrobial treatments for bathing eczema patients to try and reduce the amount of oral and topical antibiotics prescribed.

We are also developing our practice to include holistic therapies such as clinical hypnosis and habit reversal which could help eczema sufferers who experience itching/scratching and anxiety related to eczema.

Guided imagery / relaxation for parents

Having a child with a chronic illness can be challenging at times for parents and carers. As a Dermatology team, we are aware of this and have created a relaxation recording to be used at times where you just need to unwind and take time out of your busy routine.

It has been recorded by Julie Carr who is the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Dermatology and a qualified hypnotherapist.

We are planning to add a selection of new recordings for children of different ages, some to be used at night or some others for quiet times in the day. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Download the MP3 file: 

Facebook group

Sheffield has a Facebook support group – Eczema Parents in Sheffield – where parents and carers can ask questions and share tips. The group was organised by the mum of a child with eczema and our Clinical Nurse Specialist provides additional support.


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