The DCD team has gathered together a selection of websites that can be helpful for parents and children with DCD.

If you’d like to recommend a website that you’ve found useful, please contact the DCD team on 0114 271 7610.

Find out more about DCD

CanChild DCD online workshop
Online workshops to help parents / carers learn more about DCD.

Dyspraxia Foundation
For further information on dyspraxia and DCD.

Equipment for school or home

Back in Action
This company sells ‘posture packs’, angled writing slopes and ‘Movin’ sit’ cushions.

Crossbow Education
Specialist equipment for the classroom including scissors and pencil grippers.

LDA Education
Specialised sensory equipment for primary school aged children.

Patterson Medical
Stockists of gym balls and wobble cushions.

Improve your typing skills

BBC Schools – Dance Mat Typing
A free touch-typing programme by the BBC.

English Type
A commercial touch-typing programme, originally designed for children with dyslexia.
Free, fun typing games.

Learning Games for Kids
Assorted learning games.

Free trial lessons developed by specialists at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre.

Free lessons to help practice touch-typing.


Sheffield City Council
Information about transport for children with special educational needs. Scroll down for the particularly useful section on independent travel training.

Writing, colouring and drawing

Drago Art
Tutorials for drawing mainly Japanese animation styles.

Educational Coloring Pages
Plenty of free downloadable colouring pages.

Pencil skills worksheets for early years up to key stage 2 children.

Using scissors

Activity Village
Printable worksheets to help practice scissor skills.

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids
More craft activities to brush up on your cutting skills.


Reviews of useful apps for children with autism by the University of Edinburgh.

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