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Family feedback – Harry

Harry and his brother

The DCD team received the following email from Harry’s mum and dad in May 2017.

We wanted to write to you to pass on our thanks and to give feedback on the team that worked with our son Harry at the Ryegate Centre. Harry was initially referred to the therapy team to be investigated for DCD.

We have nothing but praise for the team who helped him including to name a few Jo (physio), Liam and Josie as well as all the staff who were involved with the bike riding group last August.

Harry has benefited massively and not only has his core strength increased but also his ability to hold a pencil, to put socks on and to do buttons as well as his biggest piece of independence which is being able to ride his bike with his brother. This is something that gives him great pleasure and which he looks forward to especially when we are on holiday.

In addition to all the benefits that Harry has seen, the biggest by-product for us and our growing understanding for the way that Harry can react, does react and how we deal with this. The coping strategies which we have gained from working with your team from the period of time that Harry was under Ryegate is nothing but life-changing.

At school Harry is able to cope far better, making good friendships with his peers and whilst he sometimes still struggles with Maths, he seems to be doing very well at reading and spelling and his confidence continues to increase.

We would be very grateful if you would be able to pass all our comments and our heartfelt thanks to all the staff that had any intervention with Harry at all times, your team were nothing but 100% professional, able, talented, knowledgeable and caring in the way that they want to always achieve to make the understanding around DCD easy to break down into bite size chunks and work through.

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