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Family Feedback – George

George took part in our ‘Look At Me Now’ project where we asked young people and their families who have been supported by the DCD team to record a video about their experiences.

Here his Mum explains more about the help George received from the team and how far he has come:

“George first came for an assessment with the DCD team when we noticed that he was struggling physically with tasks that other children his age could manage and when he was finding it difficult in school to make progress with his handwriting. He was becoming very anxious and frustrated and it was becoming increasingly difficult to even persuade him to try these activities.

He had a very thorough assessment, which covered lots of aspects of his physical skills and co-ordination, but importantly from George’s point of view the assessment was a series of fun, relaxed activities – so he didn’t know he was being assessed at all! His therapist was so positive and encouraging that he loved coming to see her for future appointments.

Through the assessment and advice from the DCD team we were given a much better understanding of the nature of George’s difficulties and were shown how to break activities down into much more manageable stages for him.

  • George had great fun practising his co-ordination and motor-planning on a trampette and gym ball
  • he learned how to cope in the hydrotherapy pool, which prepared him for managing more formal swimming lessons at school
  • he built up confidence with his physical skills by attending a climbing course with members of the DCD team
  • he learned how to ride his bike with the help of a fantastic therapy assistant
  • he was supported with his handwriting and encouraged to use a laptop alongside his writing to help him in school

George’s support from the DCD team has been invaluable in building up his skills and confidence. He is now far less anxious about activities that involve physical skills and has developed more of a ‘have-a-go’ attitude rather than avoiding tasks he can’t do.

We really enjoyed making the ‘Look At Me Now!’ video, as it was a clear reminder of how far he has come since his first visit to the DCD team. He was very happy to join in with the film and show everyone the skills he has developed – making the film was an extra boost to his confidence and self-esteem. Thanks DCD team!”

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