Child Disability Register

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The Child Disability Register (CDR) is a unique service for children and young people with disabilities and their families in Sheffield.

The CDR is required by law, under the Childrens Act of 1989. We register all children and young people, aged 0-19, who live in Sheffield and have any disability, or life-altering medical condition.

Enrolling your child onto the Register

Parents and carers can easily enrol their child onto the Register. All you need to do is complete a short questionnaire and we will keep your details on a confidential computer database.

The CDR aims to bring together all the registers and lists held by Health, Education and Social Services in Sheffield.

We use all the information held on the database to plan for the future across all services for children and young people with disabilities in Sheffield. No named data is given out.

After enrollment

After you’ve enrolled onto the Register you will receive a copy of all the information you have provided together with a personalised letter detailing all the disability services you and your child can access across Sheffield.

In addition, each child and young person will receive a unique registration card, confirming that they are now enrolled.

All families on the Register will also receive regular priority copies of our popular newsletter, What’s Going On, direct to their home.

How to enrol

Simply complete the Child Disability Register enrolment form and return it to:

Sheffield Child Disability Register
The Ryegate Children’s Centre
Tapton Crescent Road
S10 1DD

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