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Social Stories are most effective when they are personalised for your child. Most of the stories here are available for both a younger child (approximately lower primary school age) and an older child (approximately upper primary school to secondary school age) – have a look at both stories and select the story that you feel is most appropriate for your child.

Each of the stories here can also be edited to include information that is specific to your child, for example a picture of their school or a different caregiver name. You can also edit the language used to make the story more suited to your child’s level of understanding or add/remove information.

You can edit these stories in either Word or PowerPoint. If you aren’t able to edit the stories, don’t worry, there is a PDF version of each story. There are also some Easy-Read Communication Boards using Widgit Symbols designed for children with more significant communication difficulties.

Quick Reference and Top Tips

Back to school stories

Masks stories

Social distancing stories

Appointment stories

Why is it safe to go out now?

What is a bubble


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Jess' advice is also available as a graphic 👇
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