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Everyone experiences the world differently, including how they process sensory information, such as light, sound, touch, taste and smell. Our senses affect our behaviour, physical activity and feelings. We have some resources on supporting children and young people who may have difficulties with their sensory needs. Additional information is also available on the occupational therapy/physiotherapy and DCD pages and our special Making Sense page.

There is a relationship between sensory processing and anxiety. Our senses are especially sensitive when we are stressed or anxious. You may find the information on our emotional wellbeing page helpful too.

Quick Reference & Top Tips

Booklets and Guides

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Further Resources

Local Services

Sheffield Sensory Service Virtual Therapy Area Provides parents and carers with knowledge, ideas and strategies to support children or young person with sensory needs that may be impacting on their everyday life. 

National Organisations

National Autistic Society Website with information about sensory differences. 

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