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Thoughts and feelings make up a lot of a daily lives. Children and young people are developing their understanding of thoughts and feelings and this can be challenging. We have collected a set of resources to help families with emotional well being, ranging from finding ways to describe different feelings to managing ‘melt-downs’ when they become too overwhelming. We know that some young people find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings with words and they might show as behaviours. You may also find our page on managing behaviour helpful.

Quick Reference and Top Tips

  • A top tips sheet on strategies to help someone with anxiety
  • A top tips sheet on supporting a young person who may be dealing with loss or bereavement
  • A top tips sheet about managing change and transition with strategies
  • A top tips sheet on support young people with ‘meltdowns’
  • A top tips sheet for supporting young people who might have low self-esteem
  • A top tips sheet for supporting siblings of children with additional needs
  • A top tips sheet to support young people with low mood
  • A tool to help children understand and manage their emotions throughout the day
  • Feelings communication board – a visual tool and guide to help children communicate their feelings

Booklets and Guides

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