Your child may be on the waiting list for an assessment for possible Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), another neurodevelopmental condition or may already have a diagnosis. The wait for an assessment can be very long and we know this is a difficult and frustrating time for your child and your family.

We hope that the information on our website can help with strategies and support you and your family with difficulties lots of young people with neurodevelopmental conditions experience. There are a number of pages filled with resources to manage difficulties around sleep, mood, anxiety, sensory issues and going back to school. Additional information and resources are also available on our DCD webpage.

We work closely with colleagues in other services, including social care, schools and in the community. Resources are also available on their websites and you may have input or be contacted by these services as part of your care while you are waiting for assessment.

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To protect our patients we are restricting visitors to one person per patient at Sheffield Children’s at all sites. Please help us to keep your family members safe.See more NHS guidance about COVID-19