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Learning Disability


Learning or intellectual disability refers to a general impairment in learning and development.

Most people are aware of the term IQ or Intelligence Quotient. IQ is a number which describes an individual’s intellectual ability. Most people in the population have an IQ score of 70-130. Individuals with learning or intellectual disability have IQ scores less than 70 and this affects around two to three in 100 people.

Depending on the severity of the intellectual disability, the individual will have a range of difficulties with thinking, learning new skills and day to day functioning.

Children with intellectual disability often present with slow development of skills.

Child Development and Neurodisability Team

The Child Development and Neurodisability Team is expert in the assessment, diagnosis and management of intellectual disability. We work to maximise the child’s potential and support development of new skills.

We also work closely with Education Specialists providing therapy at home for pre-school children.

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