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A collection of resources for supporting children and young people with coronavirus.

Appointments at Sheffield Children’s have changed and you may find information on our assessment/appointment page helpful before you attend.

Quick Reference and Top Tips

A top tips sheet on supporting a young person who may be dealing with loss or bereavement

A guide to washing hands and reducing infection

A guide to the changes as part of Covid-19 when attending appointments

An easy read guide on why schools have been closed due to COVID-19

Booklets and Guides

Information about coronavirus for children and young people

A guide to support challenges associated with Covid-19

A social story about social distancing

An easy read guide about social distancing

Support to help children and young people understand the relaxation of lockdown restrictions

Information for children about why people are wearing face coverings

Information about what a bubble is, and why it is done

Support for going back to school after a long break

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Jess' advice is also available as a graphic 👇
As of 6 July 2022 everyone (colleagues, patients and families) must wear a mask. This applies to all spaces across. all sitesMore information on how we are keeping you safe is available here.

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