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Children and young people often have times where adults may struggle with their behaviour. We have put together some resources on ways to support your child, while managing difficult or challenging behaviours.

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can look like behaviours. There are more resources in the emotional wellbeing section which may be helpful in managing behaviour that can be challenging.

Quick Reference and Top Tips

Booklets and Guides

  • Strategies to help manage anxiety and intrusive thoughts
  • A tool to help children understand and manage their emotions throughout the day

Video resources

Further Resources

Local Services
Sheffield Family Centres Provide activities, workshops and advice sessions to support different aspects of family life and child development. 

Sheffield Parent Hub Run a range of groups that offer practical advice and support with parenting. They have a range of programmes specifically designed for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

Multi Agency Support Team (MAST) Provides varying levels of support for families who are experiencing difficulties to help strengthen their resilience and capacity to avoid crisis. Families can access this support directly or a referral can be made by professionals involved with the family or nurseries/schools. Your child does not need a confirmed diagnosis to access this service.

National Organisations
National Autistic Society A website providing information and resources about behaviour. 

NHS England A website providing information about behaviour. Families can access information directly.

Ambitious about autism Website with information about repetitive behaviours and stimming and behaviours that challenge.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
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