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Requesting a referral for ADHD assessment

Parents: How do I request a referral for an ADHD assessment?

If you feel your child may have ADHD and you would like a referral, please speak to your GP, or other professionals involved in your child’s care such as your paediatrician, speech and language therapist, or psychologist. We now have a single point of access for all ADHD referrals, to help us ensure you see the right team. Take a look at this flyer for more information.

To process your referral for ADHD, we require completed questionnaires from both parents and carers as well as from your child’s school or educational setting.

You can help your referral by completing your parent questionnaire in advance and returning it to your referrer. You can access the questionnaires below.

Professionals: How do I request a referral for an ADHD assessment?

Referring professionals will need to complete the referral front sheet and submit it with a clinic letter (see forms and guidance below). GP’s should send this via ERS and other external and internal professionals should send referrals direct to Ryegate Appointments ( Once received and being processed the single point of access (SPA) will organise the collation of the relevant questionnaires with parents and schools.

 The below is a list of the current accepted referrers. Please note we do not currently accept referrals from SENCOs, but are looking to do this in the near future.

  • GPs
  • Educational and clinical psychologists
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Community paeditricians, neurodisability onsultants and other Sheffield Children’s NHS FT clinicians including psychologists and CAMHS clinicians
  • Early years teachers

Please see our referral page to view our questionnaires.

How long is the wait for an assessment following referral?

The members of the assessment team will look at all referrals. If a referral is accepted, your child will be added to the waiting list for an ADHD assessment.

Waiting times are currently long. We are continually looking at ways to reduce waiting times.

What ADHD support is available?

Across the city there is a wide range of support whether you are waiting for an assessment, have been diagnosed or just think you might value a little more help. To find out more about specific areas of support, such as parenting and sleep, visit our autism resources and support page which contains information relevant to people with ADHD.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Sheffield City Council are working together to support families. If you are interested in the range of support available take a look at this information sheet (pdf).

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