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Your child’s safety is our primary concern. Our anaesthetists specialise in looking after children with a variety of complex medical problems and bringing them safely through surgery.

We are also skilled in a variety of specialised pain treatments to make children much more comfortable when they awake after surgery. This makes the stress of going through an operation much more bearable for you and your child.

Most people think of paediatric anaesthetists as doctors who put children into a deep sleep to enable them to have their operation.

While this is true, this is only a part of what we do at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Our anaesthetists’ involvement in your child’s care extends beyond the operating theatre to other areas including sedation for MRI scans and other diagnostic tests, intensive care and the treatment of difficult long term pain conditions.

Further information

Rees Bear has an anaesthetic (PDF and video)books
An illustrated story for younger children about having an anaesthetic, which is ideal for reading with a parent or carer. You can also watch a review of the story on YouTube. Rees Bear has an anaesthetic is now available to watch on YouTube.

Davy the Detective – finding out about anaesthetics (PDF)
A comic strip style resource for older children, showing a boy’s investigations to find the information he needs before an anaesthetic. You can also watch a review of the comic on YouTube.

Dennis has an anaesthetic (RCOA website)

This comic helps children understand what it’s like to have a general anaesthetic, using familiar Beano characters to help reduce any anxiety they may have about surgery.

Children aged 7 to 11 can accompany Dennis on a fun-filled journey as he prepares to have his tonsils removed, from diagnosis to discharge from hospital. Although Dennis approaches his operation with his usual sense of bravado, he also has lots of questions and feels a bit nervous!

Activities for children (external website)
A range of downloadable activities featuring Rees Bear and Davy the Detective.

General anaesthesia – a brief guide for young people (PDF)
This succinct leaflet for young people by the Royal College of Anaesthetists is supplemented by an interactive web guide containing more comprehensive information.

Your child’s general anaesthetic (PDF)
This leaflet by the Royal College of Anaesthetists explains what to expect when your child comes into hospital to have an operation or investigation under general anaesthesia.

My Daycase Operation (external website and PDF)
A leaflet illustrated with WIDGIT symbols explaining the steps in the journey from arrival at Theatre Admissions Unit to going home again. Flashcards are also included to allow a timeline to be created for individual children. If you feel this approach would be useful for your child, please contact the TAU play specialist on 0114 271 7343 / 0114 271 7393, who will be able to help you prepare your child before coming to hospital and on the day of surgery.

Further information is available from the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and The Royal College of Anaesthetists.


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