Allergy Service

allergy testing

In our Allergy Service we diagnose and manage children with a range of allergies including food, skin, drug and respiratory allergies.


We work closely with other hospital departments plus adult allergy services and laboratories to provide a range of services.

  • Specialist allergy nurses do supervised food challenges most days on our Research and Medical Treatment Lounge
  • Offer advice to parents, schools and nurseries about managing food allergies
  • EpiPen training
  • Management of drug and immunisation reactions
  • Work closely with the Dermatology and Respiratory departments and hold parallel clinics for children with food allergy and eczema
  • Provide expert dietetic advice
  • See children with recurrent urticaria and angioedema unrelated to food exposure

We are currently developing a paediatric allergy network for Yorkshire and hope to launch a desensitisation service later in the year.

Visiting the Allergy Service

When a patient visits us we take a detailed history and may perform skin prick testing to help diagnose allergy. On occasion a blood test may be required.

If a diagnosis is made, we provide allergy plans and advice on things to avoid and how to manage future reactions. A child is regularly reviewed in the allergy clinic while there are ongoing allergy concerns.

Children may be able to see several allergy related specialists at the same appointment.

Food allergies

A dietician is available in almost all outpatient allergy clinics to help with avoidance advice, supplements and special weaning diets for infants.

If there comes a time when we feel a child has ‘grown out’ of their food allergy then we perform a food challenge in hospital. These are carried out most mornings on the day care unit by nurse specialists.

Further support


Monday morning
Outpatient clinic – Northern General
Dr Sibel Ajtai Sonmez and Dr Caroline Kerrison

Monday afternoon
Outpatient clinic – Northern General
Dr Sibel Ajtai Sonmez

Tuesday morning
Outpatient clinic – Norfolk Park
Dr Sibel Ajtai Sonmez and Dr Nicola Jay

Wednesday morning
Outpatient clinic – Sheffield Children’s Hospital
Dr Nicola Jay and registrar

Thursday morning
Outpatient clinic – Sheffield Children’s Hospital
Dr Nicola Jay and allergy nurse

Friday morning
Outpatient clinic – CF Unit
Dr Sibel Ajtai Sonmez and allergy nurse

Friday afternoons
Outpatient clinic – Sheffield Children’s Hospital
Dr Caroline Kerrison, Dr Fiona Shackley, Dr Catherine Waruiru, two registrars

We also perform food challenges every morning and antibiotic challenges most afternoons on Medical Daycare

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