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The Sheffield Diagnostic Genetics Service (SDGS) is a very busy CPA accredited NHS laboratory offering a broad range of services regionally, nationally and internationally.

In order to support our services, we encourage professional development for all SDGS staff from attending and presenting at meetings and conferences to engaging in the development of Trust services.

We also have a very active staff training and development programme ranging from apprentice to senior levels.

Modernising Scientific Careers

We are fully engaged with the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) training framework.

  • our first four genetics Scientist Training Programme (STP) trainees are all registered and found contracts before their training was completed
  • we have one third-year genetics trainee, one second-year bioinformatics trainee and three first-year trainees; two in genetics and one in bioinformatics

Positions are fully supported with core training in genetics in-house and rotational secondments in reproductive medicine, histology and cytology – all active and busy departments.

We reciprocate this support for other departments, hosting STP trainees on 12 week rotations in SDGS with specifically tailored training plans.

Practitioner Training Programme

We participate in the Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) with two registered practitioners exiting the programme from Sheffield.

Genetic technologists are supported in their route to registration with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

Roles are rotational to maintain broad experience and maximise professional development.


We recruit and train at apprentice level with two laboratory assistants and one administrative trainee recently gaining contracts in the department following the successful completion of their apprenticeships.


Post-registration scientific training includes service specific competence-based development:

  • all band 6 staff work across the genetics disciplines including cytogenetic and molecular genetic responsibility, in order to maintain a continuity of development from MSc training and create and maintain a broad skill base
  • all band 7 roles are rotational every two years to develop core skill sets to a higher level of operational responsibility

Staff are supported in studying for further qualifications with a high level of success in RCPath exams.

Higher Specialist Scientific Training

The department will soon be engaged in the Higher Specialist Scientific Training (HSST) programme, which is a quality assured five-year workplace-based doctoral level programme for clinical scientists.

HSST will ensure that our workforce includes senior clinical scientists who could could take on consultant clinical scientist roles in specialist areas.

Find out more about careers and opportunities at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

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