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Sheffield Diagnostic Genetics Service covers a wide range of genetic disorders. All stall are supported to achieve competence in DNA and chromosome based technologies.

Training and competence is managed by the in-house SDGS Training Team.

In order to support our services, we encourage and support continuing professional development for all SDGS staff from attending and presenting at meetings and conferences to engaging in the development of Trust services.  All staff are encouraged to participate fully in the training opportunities available both within the department and externally.

We also have a very active staff training and development programme ranging from apprentice to senior levels.

Modernising Scientific Careers

We are fully engaged with the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) training framework.

  • We have taken approximately 30 trainees to completion with an in-take every year since the STP began
  • We support STP in the Genomics, Cancer Genomics and Bioinformatics specialisms

Positions are fully supported with core training in genetics in-house and rotational secondments in local NHS departments dependent on the STP specialism.

Each year group is supported by specified experienced Healthcare scientists.

We reciprocate this support for other departments, hosting STP trainees on rotations in SDGS with specifically tailored training plans.

Practitioner Training Programme

We have participated alongside the University of Bradford  with its BSc (Hons) HCS Life Science degree / Practitioner Training Programme (PTP), since 2012. We have supported four successful  registered practitioners exiting the programme from Sheffield.

Genetic technologists are supported in their route to registration with the Academy of HealthCare  Scientists (AHCS).

Genetic technologists roles are rotational, throughout the department to maintain broad experience and maximise professional development.


We have recruited and trained at Apprentice level both within the laboratory and Admin teams since 2013.  

We have supported four Medical Laboratory Assistants who have exited the programme from Sheffield and all gained employment with the department following the successful completion of their Apprenticeships.

We have supported 13 Business and Admin Assistants who have successfully exited the programme from Sheffield of which 7 have gained employment with the department following the successful completion of their Apprenticeships.


Post-registration scientific training includes service specific competence-based development:

  • All Healthcare scientist roles are rotational every two years to develop core skill sets to a higher level of operational responsibility
  • All staff have access to the GLH seminar programme

Staff are supported in studying for further qualifications with a high level of success in RCPath exams.

Higher Specialist Scientific Training

The department is engaged in the Higher Specialist Scientific Training (HSST) programme, which is a quality assured five-year workplace-based doctoral level programme for clinical scientists.

HSST will ensure that our workforce includes senior clinical scientists who could take on consultant clinical scientist roles in specialist areas.

Student Placements

SDGS has collaborated with The University of Sheffield to establish The Julia Garnham Centre (JGC). This is a unique remote placements facility located in the School of Biosciences at The University of Sheffield.

Named after long term former SDGS staff member, this placement centre provides students with essential experience and training in genetic analysis and upskills the next generation of genomic scientists and technologists. The students are then welcomed to a placement with SDGS to prepare cases (currently focussing on karyotyping of bone marrow samples from haemato-oncology referrals) under close supervision by competent SDGS staff, making them ready for NHS Healthcare scientists to analyse and thereby releasing staff time and helping to manage backlogs.

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