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Bone vibration study

bone research

We are currently looking for boys to take part in a research study called ‘Vibration in boys who have a history of fracture’.

Why this project is being done

Other studies have shown that standing on a vibrating platform for ten minutes a day for at least six months can make bones stronger, which means they will break less easily.

We want to see how your bones respond when you stand on a vibrating platform for ten minutes each day for five days in a row.

This project will also help one of the study team learn how to do research.

Who can take part

Boys aged 7-13 years who are healthy and have broken (fractured) at least one bone before.

We are asking 24 children in total.

What will happen

You will stand on a vibrating platform that is about the size and shape of typical bathroom weighing scales for ten minutes each day for five days in a row.

A researcher will take a blood sample before and after you stand on the platform from a small plastic tube called a cannula that has been put in a vein in your arm or hand.

We will take 2-4mls (around ½ – 1 teaspoon) of blood for each sample. This will not happen every day.

  • Days 1, 3 and 5: Take blood sample, stand on vibrating platform for ten minutes, take a second blood sample
  • Days 2 and 4: Stand on vibrating platform for ten minutes
  • Days 8 and 12: Take a blood sample only

Also on Day 1 we will:

  • ask questions about the exercise that you have done in the last week
  • show you pictures of what happens during a growth spurt and ask you to tell us which one looks like you
  • measure your height and weight

This will all take place in the morning in your home or in a private room in your school and will take 15-45 minutes each day.

When the visits happen in your school we will ask you to come to school a bit earlier if you can and you may be a little late for your first lesson, but we will have asked your teacher if this is ok.

Having breakfast may affect the blood tests we do, so we will ask you not to have anything to eat or drink, except water, before we take the blood samples. You can have something to eat straight after the blood samples have been taken.

Will joining in help me?

No, but you could be helping other children. We hope the study will help us to understand if bones become stronger when children stand on a vibrating platform.

What if I don’t want to do the research any more?

Just tell your mum, dad, carer, doctor or nurse at any time. They will not be cross with you.

You will still have the same care whenever you need to come to hospital.

What happens when the research study stops

We will collect all the information together and use it to help us design other studies with children who have problems with their bones.

How do I sign up?

To register your interest in the bone vibration study, email Rachel Harrison or call 0114 271 7417.

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