Research FAQs

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At Sheffield Children’s Hospital we do clinical research to get a better understanding about medical conditions that affect the health of children and young people. We also carry out research in the adult population in the field of Clinical Genetics.

We do lots of research to test new methods of treatment and to determine whether these new treatments are safe and how well they work.

You don’t always have to be a patient to take part in clinical research – we often need healthy volunteers to take part in our studies.

Common questions and answers about research are listed below.

What sort of research does Sheffield Children's Hospital do?
What might participating in a research study involve?
Can only children take part in research at Sheffield Children's Hospital?
How do I benefit from taking part in a research study?
How will my taking part in research help others?
What should I consider when deciding whether to take part in a study or not?
Can I change my mind once I have agreed to be involved in a study?
What happens to my data and personal information if I become involved in a study?
What happens at the end of a study?
How can I find out more about taking part in research at Sheffield Children's Hospital?

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